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Onsite Security

Safety and security are critical concerns in today’s industry.  Therefore, we cater to our customers’ wide array of needs for both concerns in the oilfield.  From manned gates to roving security and beyond, we provide unmatched security options with the flexibility our customers demand.  We know things need to happen right now so we pride ourselves on our ability to respond and deliver for our customers quickly and when they need it.  We understand that there are no regular business hours in the oil and gas industry so we have modeled our business to work in kind.  Be it Wednesday afternoon or four o’clock Sunday morning, we are there for our customers.

Onsite Security Details

Video Surveillance

Theft in the field is at an all-time high.  From copper to pipe, fuel to batteries, generators to welders, thieves are taking just about anything they can get their hands on.  Whether you are a major organization or a small independent business, no one is immune to theft.  Thieves can easily go undetected because of the remoteness of the locations.  Video surveillance is the answer.  We give companies intelligent visual monitoring by introducing a cloud-based monitoring system that can be accessed anywhere in the world over any device.  Customers can view their locations live or utilize smart playback to review video to gather evidence for the authorities.  Either way, our customers have the peace-of-mind that their locations will always be monitored.

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Access Control

Whether in the private, commercial or government sectors, there are an endless number of unmanned gates that you need to open, close, monitor and authorize access for your personnel, vendors and guests.  OverWatch has the solution that makes this automated.  Our automated access control system allows companies and land owners to do these things from their computer, tablet or smart phone.  With intelligent video monitoring and cutting-edge technology, companies can now confidently maintain access control in locations they never thought possible.

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