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OverWatch Enterprises provides industry-leading security and surveillance by combining security personnel with cutting-edge technology, giving customers the peace of mind that their locations and assets are secure. Be it onsite security, video surveillance or access control, we have the flexibility to offer service packages and solutions that meet every security need.


Manned Guard Services

Our certified trained guards are responsible for protecting people, property, and assets by maintaining a vigilant presence and enforcing security measures.

Off Duty Law Enforcement

We offer nationwide law enforcement scheduling for most commercial, industrial and traffic control needs.

Executive Protection

Our executive protection/close protection service employs best in class operators and practices to safeguard our clients in all circumstances.

Video Surveillance

OverWatch Enterprises can provide either static or mobile video surveillance platforms, giving clients the ability to capture and record visual images and footage of a specific area or location that can be monitored in real-time or reviewed later for security, safety, or investigative purposes.

Video Monitoring

Our trained personnel continuously observe and analyze live video feeds from surveillance cameras to ensure security, safety, or compliance, promptly responding to any detected incidents or issues.

Access Control

Access control involves the implementation of security measures and permissions to determine and restrict who has physical or digital access to private property, systems, and resources, ensuring that only authorized individuals can enter or use them.

Executive Protection

Public figures, high-net-worth individuals and VIPs may be exposed to heightened personal risk due to their status, careers, affiliations, geography or net worth. With strategic risk assessment and advanced planning, experienced security teams protect these high-risk individuals from physical, financial and reputational harm.

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Executive protective services

24/7 on-premises security

Night and day video monitoring and recording​

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Our expertise encompasses a wide range of security solutions, including planning and design, installation, repair, and maintenance services for a range of commercial, residential, and industrial properties Nationwide.

Our reputation is built on our commitment to delivering specialized and innovative security solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. Our portfolio includes best-in-class electronic and physical security solutions, such as access control and management systems, intercom and telephone entry systems, access control, alarm systems, security cameras, and video surveillance systems.

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