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OverWatch Enterprises, LLC

OverWatch Enterprises provides industry-leading security and surveillance by combining security personnel with cutting-edge technology, giving customers the peace of mind that their locations and assets are secure.  Be it onsite security, video surveillance or access control, we have the flexibility to offer service packages and solutions that meet every security need.

We put our customers at ease with on-premises security matched with intelligent visual monitoring from high-definition cameras.

We offer a cloud-based solution that can be accessed anywhere in the world over any device at any time.

With around the clock monitoring and no need for costly power or communication lines, OverWatch can fit your security and surveillance needs.

At OverWatch, we see everything.

Why OverWatch Enterprises?

  • 24/7 on-premises security
  • Night and day video monitoring and recording
  • System access anytime from anywhere
  • Flexible security plan to meet your needs
  • Comprehensive data collection and reporting

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